Many residents in the Erasmia area are terribly disturbed with the high incidence of illegal dumping taking place in the area, which they attribute to the unacceptable behaviour of certain irresponsible residents in the area.

Resident, Ismail Ebrahim told the Laudium Sun, “In recent times we have witnessed the unfortunate matter of residents within the Erasmia sector 3 area, engaging in the illegal act of dumping of rubbish, including garden refuse, on the property of others and on vacant council erfs. I am aware that residents who form part of the sector 3 community patrollers group, have raised the alarm on multiple occasions and have even confronted the individuals responsible for the dumping, who are usually workers of other residents within the sector. The problem is becoming extremely prevalent. As a sector, the members have made large efforts to curb and expose these culprits in order to deter the act of illegal dumping, but to no avail. When left inappropriately treated or managed, this waste can have very harmful effects on the environment. This act is therefore a serious crime which should be punishable by law. The council must act harshly against these illegal dumpers. It is time that the community dumps the perpetrators by exposing them.”

Another Erasmia resident added, “The hazards of dumping in a residential area can include the release of toxins and heavy metals into the air and water; the increased presence of disease vectors such as rodents and insects; and physical hazards such as hypodermic needles, poisonous gases, and/or piercing objects, which also pose a serious danger to children playing in the area.”

The Laudium Sun spoke to resident and activist, Mohammed Riaz Vallee, who said, “Illegal dumping of household waste in our sector results in many negative economic, and environmental effects. Dumping also has the potential of crime within our communities. We need to work together as a community to curb this problem.”

Ward Councillor, Naeem Patel said, “I also live in the area and I am just as concerned about the dumping. I will arrange a meeting with the relevant council authorities and give you (Laudium Sun) feedback so that the broader community of Erasmia is informed of the developments.”

An employee of one of the residents in Sector 4 Erasmia, is about to dump garden refuse onto a sidewalk on Fortuna Str, in Erasmia.
The employee who was caught red-handed trying to dump garden refuse in Erasmia, on behalf of his employer, refused to comment.
Mohammed Riaz Vallee said, “We need to work together as a community to curb the problem of dumping.”