On August 9, 1956, female activism in South Africa peaked, as a multi-racial crowd of over 20,000 women, peacefully marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria, to protest against the unjust apartheid laws of the time, Thus, August 9 was declared a public holiday – National Women’s Day, inaugurated in 1994, along with a free democratic South Africa. It is also a day to remember that women play a pivotal role in society from politics to business, academia to the home-front… and that the rights of all women should be respected and upheld at all times.

The Laudium Sun joins these female teachers from Laudium’s CIS school, in saluting all the women of South Africa. The teachers said, “In Islam, women are held in high regard, deserving of respect, fairness and compassion. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, ‘Heaven lies under the feet of your mother.’ The Prophet (PBUH) also said, “Best among you is one who is best to his wife.”

Pictured- Back: Abida Rahman, Haseena Lakhana, Fazlin Gani and Shabana Anverali.
Center: Nabeela Abdoola Patel, Yumna Abdoola Kajee, Farhana Hassim, Nazeera Khan, Mumtaaz Dawood and Fatima Bibi Osman.
Front: Fathima Bibi Cassim.

Messages from the community

The Laudium Sun took to the streets to hear what the community had to say about our women, in the month dedicated to women.

Vineshree Reddy of Jacinth Str, Laudium (Quotations clerk):
“Wishing you a day filled with all the strength, power and courage that makes you the amazing woman you are. … You are an amazing woman who has achieved so much in life. … On this special day, may you be surrounded by all the people who love you and make your life complete. Happy Women’s Day.”
Jade Reddy of Jacinth Str, Laudium (Administrator):
“Happy Women’s Day, love! You are inspiring, strong, loving, and a warrior. You are everything that this world needs.”
Friends Aveshni Deena and Sherani Naidoo of Aquamarine Str, Laudium:
“Be beautiful if you can, be wise if you want to, but to be respected – that is essential! Wishing you a very happy Women’s Day.”
Shaista Saint of Primrose Street, Laudium (Administrator):
“A strong woman understands that gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts. Happy Women’s Day.”
Shineez Fakir of Kashmir Cres, Laudium (Self- Employed):
“Wishing a very happy Women’s Day to strong, intelligent, talented and simply wonderful women of this world! Don’t ever forget that you are loved and appreciated.”
Pragasi Nayagar of Mendhi Str, Laudium (Manager):
“Can you imagine life without women? There’s no life without them. Nowadays, it’s so important to keep our women safe and protect them, because they do so much for every one of us, and sometimes we fail to appreciate it. Happy Women’s Day!”
Vinisha Reddy of Jacinth Str, Laudium (Bookkeeper):
“Women may not be physically strong but they have the power to impart all strength a man has. There is no limit to what we women can accomplish. Happy Women’s Day.”
Roshni (Uvie) Naidoo of Primrose Str, Laudium (Stay-at-home-mom):
“Today we celebrate every woman on the planet. You bring so much love and beauty into our world just by being in it, and it makes everyone a little bit happier. The sun shines brighter when you smile, ladies, so keep smiling! Happy Women’s Day!”
Sharon Pieterson of Foxglove Str, Lotus Gardens (Self- Employed):
“Our world would mean nothing without women. Their courage that exists in perfect harmony with amazing tenderness saves our world every day. Happy Women’s Day to our mothers, daughters and sisters!”
Anusha Reddy of Jacinth Str (Housewife):
“Happy women’s day. You are a blessing sent from above to make this world wonderful!”
Isayvanie Naidoo of Hazelnut, Lotus Gardens (Administration):
“I can’t find the words to express how I feel about women. Their strength and power, their ability to keep their heads up no matter what. I admire it on every possible level. Girls run the world, that’s the only thing I know for sure. Happy Women’s Day! Some women are lost in the fire. But you are built from it! Best wishes on Women’s Day.”
Chantilee Bhana of Mocha Str, Laudium (Student at Laudium Secondary):
“Women’s Day is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves that fighting for our ladies is a very important thing to do. Support every woman around you and respect everything they do, because they deserve it.”
Cheryl Stoker of Shira Ridge, Heuwelsig (Manager):
“Flowers and chocolates cannot do what the words of love can. Every woman in our lives is unique and beautiful. Don’t forget to cherish her every day, not only on Women’s Day. Cheers to our lovely ladies!”
Alison Stoker of Silkyoak Str, Heuweloord (Supervisor):
“Everything starts with a woman. Life starts with a woman. The greatest love of all starts with her. Appreciating and loving everything that women give us each and every day is our duty. Let’s raise our glasses for the ladies!”
Pravani Visser of Raslouw, Centurion (Head of sales for Kalinda Trading):
“Happy Women’s Day! To every woman out there, stay blessed and never forget how special you are!”