As tributes from all over the country and even beyond, continue to flood in for one of Laudium’s finest young sons, Arshad Akoob (51), who returned to the Almighty (SWT) last Saturday (Sept 9), it has become evident that Arshad was a remarkable individual whose simplicity, humility and philanthropic spirit touched the lives of countless many. Arshad’s actions spoke louder than words and his involvement in assisting the needy within the community and beyond, leaves no doubt that he was indeed a champion of the poor. As accolades pour in, many within the community are now realizing Arshad’s deep commitment to social causes, which he not only founded, but spearheaded. Words can hardly encapsulate his courage and dignity as, despite needing ongoing treatment for his own ailments, Arshad never shied away from assisting those in need and cushioning their difficulties, walking alongside them. Unbelievably, from a very young age, Arshad initiated many projects to assist the needy, including the much needed free daily shuttle service for local residents needing to visit Kalafong, Steve Biko and other hospitals as day patients, to fetch monthly medication, or even those visiting family members in hospital. Arshad was instrumental in arranging for tea and biscuits to be served daily at the outpatient section of Kalafong Hospital, where patients have to wait for hours before being attended to and also arranged halaal food for Muslim patients at the hospital. It has also come to light that Arshad established a close bond with an orphanage in Palestine, assisting them on a regular basis. Be it school feeding schemes, school book and uniform distributions or Ramadaan hampers, Arshad was always first in line to assist. The tears that continue to flow after his passing and the hundreds of people who attended his funeral at night, bear testament to the rare gem that Arshad was.

*The Laudium Sun extends deepest condolences to Arshad’s family and friends and we pray that the Almighty (SWT) grants him the highest abode in Jannah.

In memory of… Arshad (Bha) Anver Akoob (51)

Ml Aboo.

Messages of condolences…
Late Arshad Akoob walked the path holding the hands of the needy.
He strived to bring happiness and joy in the lives of many.
His moments of Serving Humanity were outrageous.
His dedication in reaching out to the poor was unbelievable.
The demise of Arshad Akoob will be felt by many.
His service to Humanity will always be remembered.
My Brother !
May your soul rest in peace.
My Brother !
May only the best be ahead for you.
My Brother !
May the Angels serve you from the Treasures of Paradise.
” Serve and be Served.”
-Ml Aboo
The Garden Social Services.

File photo: Arshad Akoob pictured with orphans at an orphanage in Palestine which he has been assisting for some time now.

Today, we bid farewell to a man whose life was a symphony of selflessness and charity. Arshad did everything with a heart overflowing with love, looking after each one of us with a warmth that could brighten even the darkest days. His commitment to charity was not a mere act; it was the essence of who he was.

Arshad’s legacy is one of boundless kindness and caring. He dedicated his days to taking people under his wing, to aiding them in their times of need, and to being a relentless advocate for charitable causes. It is with profound sadness that we bid farewell to our beloved Arshad, a man whose generosity knew no bounds. He did everything for the well-being of others, touching countless lives along the way. The impact he has had on my life and the lives of many is immeasurable.

May Allah (SWT) grant him the highest stages of Jannah and fill his Qabr with Noor Ameen.
-Ayesha Seedat (Hospital patient).

Today, we come together to remember and honor Arshad, a man who embodied the true spirit of generosity and charity. Arshad’s life was a masterpiece of selflessness, a testament to the power of caring for one another. Arshad’s legacy is imprinted in acts of kindness that knew no bounds. He dedicated his time to looking after the well-being of everyone he encountered, offering a helping hand, a listening ear, and an open heart. His commitment to various charitable causes was unwavering, leaving an indelible impact on our community and beyond. While Arshad may no longer be with us in the physical sense, his presence endures in our hearts and in the countless lives he touched. As we gather to mourn his passing, we also gather to celebrate a life well-lived. Let us pledge to continue the work he so passionately pursued – the work of making the world a better place through love, care, and charity. In this shared moment of reflection, we find the strength to ensure that Arshad’s legacy lives on, a beacon of light guiding us toward a brighter, more compassionate future.
-Moosa Carrim (volunteer).

It is with heavy hearts that we remember Arshad, a truly extraordinary soul. Arshad, through his work in Aid International, did everything with boundless love and care, looking after everyone in need. He dedicated his life to taking people to the hospital, providing unwavering support, and championing charitable causes. Though he’s no longer with us, his legacy of compassion lives on. Let’s honor his memory by continuing the charitable work he held so dear. With heartfelt condolences,
Charmaine Pillay (Hospital patient)
Ivory Street, Laudium.

Arshad papa, it’s hard to put into words how deeply we miss you. Your presence in our lives was a source of comfort, joy, and inspiration. Your kindness knew no bounds, and your wisdom was a guiding light for us all.

One of the things we’ll treasure most about you is your unwavering love and support. You had an incredible ability to make everyone around you feel valued and cherished. Your laughter was infectious, and your stories always had a way of bringing smiles to our faces.

Your wisdom and advice were like gold to us. Whether it was a simple piece of life advice or a profound perspective on a challenging situation, you always knew just what to say. Your words had the power to calm our fears and help us find our way. Your dedication to your family was unparalleled . Your sacrifices did not go unnoticed. You taught us the importance of perseverance and the value of hard work, values that continue to guide us in our own lives.

But it’s not just the big moments we miss; it’s the everyday things too. Your witty jokes, your favorite meals, and even your little quirks—all of these are etched in our memories and make us smile through our tears.

And how can we forget the incredible way you had of surprising us with gifts. We could mention something casually, and the very next day, there it was, a thoughtful token of your love and generosity. Your ability to anticipate our needs and desires was uncanny, and it’s a testament to how deeply you cared for us. Though you may no longer be with us in person, your spirit lives on in our hearts. We find solace in knowing that your legacy of love, kindness, and strength continues to inspire us and those whose lives you touched.

Arshad Papa, you were not just an uncle; you were a mentor, a friend, a father and a beloved member of our family. Your absence leaves a void that can never ever be filled, but your memory fills our hearts with warmth and love.

We will continue to carry forward the lessons you taught us and strive to be the kind of people you would be proud of. You will forever be missed, and we will always hold you close in our hearts.

May Allah (SWT) grant you the hightest stages of Jannah, Ameen.
We love you Arshad Papa.
-Aaliya Akoob (Niece).

The good ones leave. .. How painful our hearts are for your separation, brother Arshad Akoob. It is not easy to eulogize a lost and dear one, and it is not easy for tears to dry over your separation. But the heart forced the pen to write after it held back all the tears of sadness and silenced all the exhalations of pain. You left physically but you are present in our hearts. Our hearts believe that only God Almighty is the rest. There will be nothing left but words of lamentation coming out of the mouths of the poor and orphans. From AI-Aqsa Mosque and on the land of Rabat, the land of Isra and Miraj, memories lived by the families you helped, I was the brother, father and son of these families that only God knows. What is there between you and God so that they can pray and pray for you from Al-Aqsa Mosque so that their supplications can reach the sky? Oh God, have mercy on a soul that everyone loved. It was the good effect for me and everyone.
-Sheikh Ahmed of Masjid-Al-Aqsa, Palestine.

Arshad pictured with one of the managers at Kalafong Hospital, outpatient section, providing tea/coffee and nutritional sandwiches with fruit to about 250 patients per day.
Volunteers getting ready to distribute halaal food packs for patients at Kalafong Hospital, an initiative spearheaded by Arshad.
Back to school…
100 kids from various Laudium public schools were provided with stationary packs and uniforms by Arshad Akoob and his family.
“Daddy Arshad was our father. My brother and I lost our dad in April 2014 and daddy Arshad would make sure we had everything we need at home. He made sure we had the smartest clothes in school and Bata toughees that made us feel very confident. We are afraid now that he is also gone, but he always told us that we are special to God and we must never be scared.”
Isaac and Simon Mmabatha, Pearl Street, Laudium.
Arshad Akoob also spearheaded feeding schemes, the running of a Mosque (Masjid Al-Anwar) and a Madressa at the Spruit Informal Settlement, near Sunderland Ridge.