As we approach the end of the year 2022, a number of Laudium residents have contacted the Laudium Sun, to appeal to our readers living in the area, to help make the area, “once more a place of pride and joy, just like the old days.”

Residents say that whilst fighting crime requires support mainly from the SAPS, keeping the area neat and clean requires mainly the support and will of the community.

Thava Pillay, of Agra Street East, told the Laudium Sun, “My mum is very old and this illegal dumping near our house is affecting us all. The stench from the dump is unbearable, and it can also cause disease and sickness. We have small kids playing on the road and this is extremely unhealthy for these kids. Everyday there are different people dumping in our area.”

Rahim Ali, also a resident of Agra Street East, told the Laudium Sun, “I have kids and I can’t even allow them to play in our yard, because of this horrible smell which is caused by the illegal dumping. We have to stay indoors even on a hot sunny day, because the sun makes the smell even stronger and spread more.”

Shakeel Bhaktawer, from Cllr Patel’s office told the Laudium Sun, “Our constant plea to residents to refrain from illegal dumping has fallen on deaf ears. There has been an increase in dumping and it is now even done in the open areas visible to motorists passing by. The reality is that our own residents have no respect for others in the community nor for the environment. Kids are exposed to rubbish and at times even medical waste. We have taken time to monitor the areas being regularly used as a dumping site and have found that residents and businesses pay these nyaope guys to empty their bins in the self-made dumping sites. Other guilty parties include these private waste collectors who get paid for collecting the waste, but instead of taking it to a legal dump site they go and dump their dirt in secluded areas of Laudium and even near Itireleng. It costs the city thousands per week just to collect this rubbish and the exercise is proving futile as residents continue to dump as soon as the place is cleaned. One way of trying to curb this issue is visible signage prohibiting dumping. We have partnered with one of our local stores, Foodline, in getting these boards made. This will immediately give the authorities enough reason to act as this action will be in clear transgression of the notice board. We are also in final consultations to get a refuse site which is through the final stages via the Environmental Department. Another important message is that the TMPD has clearly stated that should someone be found to be dumping an immediate fine of up to R5000 will be issued. Also if there are concerned citizens who take videos of people dumping and who are prepared to follow through the process of the law via the courts, a fine of up to R30,000 can be issued against the perpetrators. We need to educate people about the effects of illegal dumping and also need to take people to task for ignoring all the by-laws of the municipality. We have also received information about someone encouraging people to dump in order to create a negative image of our Ward. We must also add that a number of foreign owned businesses have been caught, on numerous occasions, dumping in the area.”

The Laudium Sun photographer captured these scenes of illegal dumping around Ward 61.

Agra Str East resident, Rahim Ali, said, his kids can’t even play in their yard because of the horrible smell caused by illegal dumping.
Thava Pillay , also of Agra Str East, said that his mum is very old and the stench from the illegal dumping is affecting them all negatively.