Heart-to-heart, a special kind of love. That is the bond between a mother and child. This Sunday (May 12 – Mother’s Day), children and families around the world will celebrate the most selfless, loving and dedicated individuals – MOTHERS! While mothers should be honoured and cherished everyday, Mother’s Day provides a unique opportunity to express gratitude and love to all mothers (grandmothers, great-grandmothers and mother-figures) in a special way, for their countless sacrifices in nurturing and caring for their children and families. Whether it is through a heartfelt card, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a thoughtful gift or a simple yet meaningful gesture, make this day a celebration of motherly caring and affection.

The Laudium Sun joins devoted grandmother, Rekha (right), her loving daughter Jessica (left) and precious granddaughter Sarah Ramsuran from Emerald Street, Laudium, in wishing all mothers a fabulous Mother’s Day this Sunday. Little Sarah had this message for her mom, “I love you mummy, forever and ever,” while her mother Jessica had this message for her mom, “Thank you for being my guiding light and my pillar of strength, always.” Jessica’s mom Rekha had this message for all moms, “Let’s make this Mother’s Day a memorable one and let us continue to honour all mothers every day of the year.”

*Let us also remember, through prayer, all mothers who have left this world… we miss them so much.

** An important reminder to all readers; the kitchen is out of bounds to all mothers this Sunday. Give mum time to unwind, to relax and forget the kitchen and every single household chore. A lovely breakfast in bed is a great Mother’s Day tradition and, we are sure a firm favorite with mom too… surprising mom with a tray fully laden with dishes prepared with love is one of the best ways to say, ‘Mom, you are super special’ and a great way to make sure mom is spoilt thoroughly on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day messages from the community…