Ramadaan, the holiest month on the Islamic calendar, and one of the 5 pillars of Islam, which will be observed throughout the world by about 2 billion Muslims, is expected to commence on Monday evening (March 11), subject to the sighting of the new moon. During this month of religious observance and piety, Muslims abstain from eating or having any liquids from the breaking of dawn until sunset. It is also during this month of spiritual reflection, which is a special gift from the Almighty for the believers, when Muslims give more charity to the needy and engage in more prayer.

The Laudium Sun joins Abduhoo Rehmatullah, Hadia Gomba, Hannah Razak and Zia Abdoola from Al Ghazali College, Erasmia, in wishing all Muslims Ramadaan Mubarak.

The learners had this message for our readers, “This is a month, the first part which brings Allah’s mercy, the middle which brings His forgiveness and the last part which brings freedom from the fire. Whoever lessens the burdens of His servants in this month, Allah will forgive him and free him from the fire of Jahannam. In this month, do at least four things excessively. The two which shall please your Lord are the Kalimah Tayyibah and Istighfaar (repentance). The other l two are sincerely asking of Allah entrance into Paradise and seeking refuge in Him from Jahannam.”

Ramadaan messages from the community…

Ramadan Calendar – 1445