Isn’t she just a doll, gorgeous, with the look that has melted her dashing groom Riyadh’s heart. Riyadh (son of Mohamed Hoosen & the late Farida (Amod) Hoosen of Durban) is already a member of that distinguished class, the Hafez, who memorize the entire Holy Quraan, and now he has joined another notable class, by becoming one of the married men living in Erasmia and he could not look more enthralled about this latest achievement. The absolutely stunning bride is none other than Sabeeha (daughter of the late Yusuf Abdul Wajar & Hasseena Wajar of Erasmia). The recent Nikkah ceremony was performed after Jummah Salah, followed by a lovely lunch at the bride’s residence in Erasmia. The Laudium Sun wishes the dazzling couple a blessed life together. “May you always fill each other’s lives with love and happiness.”