In Laudium Sun’s, Veteran Sporting Enthusiasts column, we feature interviews with veteran sporting fanatics, from within the community, who promoted sporting fervour in their respective fields… (Veteran sporting enthusiasts are invited to send their details to

-Tell us a little more about yourself.
I was born in Marabastad in 1962 and moved to Laudium in 1976. I attended Pretoria Indian Boys School and then Laudium High. I do not consider myself a legend.
·Tell us a bit about your family.
I’m married to Natalia. We have four children; two boys and two girls and five grandchildren.
·Tell us about your sporting career history.
I started playing soccer on the streets of Marabastad, as a junior. When we moved to Laudium, I played at Jaffer Stadium, in the then known Zigzag Valley. Then I played for Delfos FC, after that I joined Birds FC in the Professional Federation, then came back to play for Laudium Aces. I retired from Delfos FC as a player, but then I did coaching for Delfos and Laudium Sportings.
· How many years in the sporting field?
40 years.
·For all our readers, please tell us what attracted you to this sport?
I think what attracted me or played a role in my involvement in sport was that I came from a sporting family, as my father and grandfather played for the Springbok team.
·What was your favourite victory and proudest moment?
When we won the Impala League with Delfos FC and also reaching the finals with Birds FC.
·How did you develop your skill?
Playing on the streets of Marabastad as a youngster and developing my talent with the teams that I joined.
·Who is your greatest inspiration?
My father Nithia Moodley, the three ‘wisemen’ of Delfos, who were uncle Diar, Magan and my father. Also, Eddie Naidoo, Dougie Carelse and Michael Khan.
·What would you like the youth to take from your passion for the sports?
The Delfos FC motto: ‘Not for the glory, but for the game.’ When you find your passion in life, you need to go all out for it.
·What has this sport taught you off the field?
It’s not all about winning, but also about participating and being fair and honest.
·What message would you like to give to our readers?
Believe in your God-given talent and strive to be the best at what you do. Don’t forget to have fun too.
·Whom would you like to thank for your accolades?
My uncle Diar, Magan, my father Nithia Moodley, my mother and my family.

Rajen ‘Bossman’ Moodley