In Laudium Sun’s Veteran Sporting Enthusiasts column, we feature interviews with veteran sporting fanatics, from within the community, who promoted sporting fervour in their respective fields… (Veteran sporting enthusiasts are invited to send their details to

· Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Laudium. I went to Jacaranda Primary and Laudium Secondary School, graduated as a teacher and then taught for 12 years at Jacaranda Primary. I’m currently employed as an E-learning specialist.

· Tell us a little about your family.

I have been married for 26 years now and we are blessed with four children.

· Tell us about your sporting career history.

I started playing in school at a young age. I represented my schools and then joined Bombers FC. Afterwards, I went to Pretorians, then to Laudium’s Liverpool FC and after that I joined Young Boys. The last club was Santos FC, where I represented the PDFA.

· How many years in the sporting field?

±45 years. I started playing from the age of 6.

· For all our readers, please tell us what attracted you to this sport?

I enjoy the sport because it brings people together.

· What was your favourite victory and proudest moment?

Every game we won and also winning over 35 tournaments with lifelong friends.

· How did you develop your skill?

Listening to constructive feedback. Practice, practice, practice! Always believe you can and when you fail, stand up and try again.

· Who is your greatest inspiration?

Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Micheal Ballack.

· What would you like the youth to take from your passion for the sports?

Mistakes are a fact of life.

·What has this sport taught you off the field?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and when we come together as a team/family/community/country, we can achieve anything.

· What message would you like to give to our readers?

Good days give you victory, bad days give you experience.

· Whom would you like to thank for your accolades? 

God Almighty, my parents, family, friends, coaches, Uncle Siddique, Uncle Nazier ‘Nampies’ Dawood, Uncle Anver and Wahab Ismail, Uncle Oomza ‘Oomie’ Omar, Carrim Putu, Eddie Naidoo, M Ali (Uncle Babla), Uncle O Padayachy, my teammates and the Laudium Sun for this column

Mubin Ismail (50).

Santos FC (2009-2010)  Circled: Mubin Ismail.