In Laudium Sun’s Veteran Sporting Enthusiasts column, we feature interviews with veteran sporting fanatics, from within the community, who promoted sporting fervour in their respective fields… (Veteran sporting enthusiasts are invited to send their details to

·Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Laudium. I went to No3 Primary School, then to Himalaya Secondary, where I completed my matric.

· Tell us a little about your family.

I’m married to Sinda. We are blessed with two children and one grandchild. 

· Tell us about your sporting career history?

I started to develop an interest in soccer while I was still in school. I played in school, then from there, I joined professional football with Royal Hearts FC. I played there until I retired. 

· How many years in the sporting field?

±20 years in the field. 

· For our readers, please tell us what attracted you to this sport?

The love of soccer was just a family thing. From the family, to the streets; we talked soccer everyday. From there, almost everyone wanted to play soccer, as we would watch the elders play on the grounds.

· What was your favourite victory and proudest moment?

When we played at the Benoni Tournament. We made it to the semi-finals, which was the best game for us.

· How did you develop your skill?

Playing in the streets, and particularly with a tennis ball, which trained us to be accurate.

· Who is your greatest inspiration?

Destry Bhana.

· What would you like the youth to take from your passion for the sports?

Stay away from illegal activities like drugs and alcohol. And join a sport, any sport. A healthy body carries a healthy mind. 

· What has this sport taught you off the field?

Discipline, respect and to be humble. And always prepare for a game or any event in life.

· What message would you like to give to our readers?

Encourage the youth to be active in sports, to read and to socialize with peers who have good manners.

· Whom would you like to thank for your accolades? 

God Almighty, my family, Destry Bhana, Subree Pillay, the supporters of Royal Hearts FC and the Laudium Sun for this column.

Pedro Sequira (48).
Royal Hearts FC (1990). Circled: Pedro Sequira.