Ashie was a wonderful person who wore his heart on his sleeve. You knew exactly what his passion was at any particular time and he had no hesitation in showing what it was. Memories of Ashie’s absolute dedication to the martial arts where he practiced and practiced and practiced each of Bruce Lee’s moves. Where he focussed and zoned into becoming the very person and the very moves he wanted to emulate. Who will forget Ashie moving around with his Nuchakoo’s neatly tucked under his belt repeating the moves over and over again. Who would forget Ashie watching every one of Bruce Lee’s movies with dedication and passion and walking out of the Astra and Empire movie houses completely energised and then walking the streets of Pietersburg with his Bruce Lee gait. Then at Park soccer he would come onto the park with infused energy ready to take the opposite team on. He would demonstrate an energy and a passion running from end to end – often with a wonderful display of some kung fu moves. At Eid he would have his Palestinian Keffiyeh on. He demonstrated his unqualified association with the cause and displayed his passion for the cause. Always smiling and a welcoming greeting coupled with a warm hug there are many, many beautiful memories of this wonderful person and it is how we will remember our brother Ashie. A wonderful person who contributed a lot to the community. May Allah (SWT) grant him the highest station in Jannah. Aameen.

-From, Ameena Hassim (daughter).

Ashie Hassim
This Friday I will not be getting my weekly Jumah Mubarak. Or the random whats app messages of advise or concern. Or the 2 am security Alerts. Ashie was unique and versatile in so many ways. Good with his hands. A robust Soldier. An unshakable footballer. A Pious scholar of the Quran and a gentle leader in our Masjids and in our community. A dependable friend. The next Eid we won’t be seeing the immaculately kitted Palestinian or get the obligatory sandle wood udd atr. We won’t be seeing his hearty wave in the car or the legendary Alpha 5 call. The Halqa corner will be muted and empty. The family dinner table will be without it’s leader. I recalled an old photograph of his on the Memory group of Sattari:
The stylish Bell bottoms and the long Italian locks of hair with his band of station buddies basking on a shiny car. Happy, Excited and bursting with Energy and Life. The beauty of old photographs and memories is that they remind us of how the past informs the Future. Albeit with the different dusty color filter of the Kodak film and era. Ashie has the same style, swagger and easiness about him. He same ability to make friends younger and older. The same commitment to his community. While words could never attempt to take away the pain of a loss to his Family it may serve a small benefit in an acknowledgment and tribute to him and his families. His easy uncomplicated commitment to helping others that is in so many ways compelling and unique is what compelled me to write something down. To the Gani and Hassim (HP) families ,the Smallys and Samads and Jakeses and Zunaids of the world,we acknowledge that you are the brick and mortar of this community like he was. Thank you. May Allah protect you all and ease the pain.

From Nirvana CPF
His Close friends and friends

InshaAllah Allah Grant him the highest stage of Jannatul Firdous and we all always remember Him and the othe Mahrooms that Passed Aways. Ameen