“His son was his life and biking was his passion”

The recent passing away of a local resident has sent shockwaves throughout the community and beyond. Riyaz Ali Ismail (46) of Erasmia, passed on last Sunday (February 19) whilst riding his motorbike, together with a group of friends, near Bronkhorspruit. It is believed that a car slightly bumped his motorbike, causing Riyaz to lose balance, resulting in the accident.

The Laudium Sun received numerous messages of condolences as news of Riyaz’s passing went viral on various social media platforms. Herewith some of the messages… Riyaz is survived by his son Muhammad and two sisters, Zeenat and Naadiya.

File photo: Naadiya Ahmed with her beloved brother, Riyaz

My Bhai. I always called you Bhai when we were younger. And then it became The Brother because you are my eldest brother. After mummy left, you became my reason to wake up every morning. You were my whole world, my source of peace and comfort, my best friend, my selfie buddy. It was always me and you in the mornings. Hearing you on the phone fighting for the best deal for your clients. Catching up with your friends. You were the most selfless person I know. Any problem I had, I knew I could run to you and you would solve it. I enjoyed trying new recipes to hear what you had to say about it. You told me that morning that you’re going for a quick ride, you’re coming back and I closed the door without saying goodbye. Little did I know that that would be the last time I would speak to you. I know that you’re at peace now, with mummy and your daddy. May Allah grant you all Jannah and may we all be reunited. You will always be remembered and missed.
Naadiya Ahmed-Sister

Riyaz… He was not just a cousin to me, but more like a brother!! A man with a warm personality and heart of gold. His kindness and caring spirit knew no bounds. Someone who would never take no for an answer. He will always be remembered as the epitome of selflessness and generosity. May we unite in Jannah my brother, Until then… you will be sorely missed and always in my duas. Insha Allah.
Uzair Mahamed Ali.

Saying goodbye to Riyaaz Ismail, fondly known as Moon, is one of the hardest things my family and I have ever had to do. My name is Imtiaaz Ismail and Riyaaz ( I fondly called him Moon) was my brother and cousin. This tribute has been written not just by myself but close family members as well. Firstly, condolences and sympathy go out to his family. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that Allah Ta’aala grants him the highest stages in Jannah. Where do I begin and how do I pen a few words about Riyaaz who was a phenomenal human being. Affectionately known as Moon(Given by myself) – Riyaaz was a person of noble character. He made time for everyone from the young to the old. He was kind, helpful and had a generous heart. He made time for everyone and in doing so he made every one in his life feel special and important. His son was the epitome of his life and thus his life pivoted around his son. He sacrificed a good career of being a steward on an airline company to be closer to his son and to spend more time with him by working from home. He went to great lengths and depths to make sure his son was well taken care of. He was a bubbly person without any hidden agendas and had a smile that would capture any lost soul. People loved him and especially in the biking community he was loved by all. When it came to biking he was the thorough professional. He never showboated. He was never reckless on the road. He was always the last rider – always looking out for everyone else and tragically on the day of his passing he was the first rider. A story related by my nephew Ebrahim, who he fondly called Moon Mamoo, he would generously pay for other bikers fuel and made many smile through his biking career of over 30 years. As his family, we are devastated by his loss and we can’t believe that he is no longer with us. He is irreplaceable and the warm, good hearted person that he was will be sorely missed. It was a privilege to know him and he has left a void in the lives of his family, the community and the biking community. We will miss you dearly, Riyaaz. You were loved and still are loved. The silent legacy you have left behind speaks volumes. My dua for you, may Allah grant you the loftiest stage in Jannah.. May he be pleased with you and may your family gain strength from the legacy you have left behind.
With love
Imtiaaz Ismail and Family

It is not how long we live but how well we lived with the people in our lives. Riyaz (aka Moon) was my best friend, and a real brother! A unique personality who walked the pathways of life handing out warmth and bouquets of kindness. From the very first meeting, he became the absolute favorite for my daughters, including my family from Malawi. May Allah Taala grant him the highest abode in Jannatul Firdous. May Allah Taala grant his family and friends sabr and strength during these difficult times and circumstances.
Shabir Kasmani

Our dear Riaz. A feather light soft personality with an ageless innocent youthful smile . Always warm and friendly. May his warm personality be embraced by the Angels. My heartfelt dua for him that his resting space be widened infinitely with the Noor and Shafa’at of Rahmatal lil A’alameen. And close proximity with the Panjetan Paak, Ghulafa e Raashidin and Sarkaar e Ghaus e Aazam Peeran e Peer Dastaghir. Strength, patience and courage to his dear son and all his family members and friends, InshaAllah bijaahi Rahmatal lil A’alameen
Love, duas and salaams.
Imtiaz Mahomed (Moochar)

He loved and embraced those around him, with those long arms and his fearless heart. Those of us who knew him, who loved him, who got angry with him, who always celebrated his victories when he hit those grand slam home runs—we’ll miss him! Selflessness beyond measure, a man with a heart of gold!! You surely will be missed brother. May Allah (SWT) grant u the highest abode in Jannah, until we meet again.. Insha Allah… Ameen
Irfaan Ebrahim

Pictured: Shabir Kasmani, Moe Cassim, Zubair Kajee, Tariq Gafoor, Shehzaad Chaya, Nairo Nassuirio, Furkan Sesli and Zain Sayanvala.

Riyaz was a man amongst men. Always had a smile on his face. He lived for 2 things. His son Mohammad was his life and biking was his passion. He was a man that would give his last cent to make the next person happy. That’s how he got his contentment by making others happy. It brings tears to my eyes, writing about him in the past tense. Brother Riyaz, you will never be forgotten. May Allah (SWT) grant you the highest abode in Jannatul-ul-Firdaus. Ameen
The Killswitch Family.