Crime continues to be on the rise in the Laudium CBD, with numerous incidents of businesses being targeted by brazen thieves. Yet again this past week, another business was added to the ever growing list, with the local police seemingly unable to put a lid on this scourge, which trend has been manifesting during loadshedding time recently.

This follows an armed robbery this past Sunday (March 12) at around10:30am in the Laudium CBD. Pan Deluxe Sweets was robbed by four armed thugs, who tied the owner up and took a small amount of petty cash from the till.

Owner of the targeted business, Uwais Mohamed, told the Laudium Sun, “It was around 9am that morning when I left my 5th Ave home to attend to my business on Tangerine Street. My assistant was already outside waiting for me, when I reached the shop, so as usual I gave my worker the key to open up the shop. During this time, I was in the company of the security guard outside my shop, who was watching until the shop was completely opened by my assistant. Together with my worker, we entered and began sorting and organising the stock for the day, in the dark, as this was at the time of loadshedding. Once all the tidying up was done I went to sit behind the counter and a customer walked in, whom I attended to. It was at this time that four black armed robbers entered the shop. One robber using a black firearm, grabbed and held the security guard, while a second armed robber ran to the worker and held him against the wall. The third armed robber came running behind the counter and used cable ties to tie me up. The fourth armed robber stood at the door ensuring that the customer did not move nor were any more customers allowed to enter the shop. They demanded cash and all the cellphones from whoever was in the shop. I explained to them that we had just started business for the day so there was only petty cash in the till. The thugs then hurriedly grabbed whatever they wanted, and immediately fled in a parked vehicle. We waited for five minutes, before the security guard went outside to check if it was safe. Unfortunately non of us noticed the vehicle that the robbers used as a getaway car. However, we are certain that the four robbers were of South African nationality, as they were speaking Zulu while on the premises. The next-door shop owner was extremely shocked and was unaware of the robbery and said that he did not see the robbers coming or leaving, when I went to his shop to use his phone to call the police. I assume that these robbers had to be someone who knows and was watching my routine. I am just grateful that no one was hurt during this terrible ordeal.”

The Laudium Sun also spoke to the owner of GB Stationary, next to Pan Deluxe, Kamaran Malek, who said, “Why are there so many robberies occurring in Laudium and what are the police doing to protect our people? This is a weekly occurrence, yet we hardly see a police van patrolling, even though the police station is on our doorstep. Something needs to be done urgently about this crime.”

Sergeant Simon Chokoe of the Laudium SAPS confirmed to the Laudium Sun that, (as usual), “A case had been opened and is under investigation.”

Owner of the targeted business, Uwais Mohamed, said that he was just glad that no one was hurt during the terrible ordeal.
Owner of GB Stationary, next to Pan Deluxe, Kamaran Malek asked, “what are our police doing to protect our people?”