The theft of electricity meters from meter boxes outside the homes of Laudium residents has continued to be on a steep incline over the past few months, with residents now calling for the Council to install the meter boxes in their yards.

Many residents told the Laudium Sun that they cannot understand why the Council was, ”treating the symptom instead of the cause.” Residents say that they cannot understand why the Council would spend vast amounts of monies in replacing the stolen meters each time, instead of merely moving the meter boxes onto the property of the residents, especially the prepaid meters.

In one of the latest incidents of meter theft, the meter box of a home on Mink Str was targeted last Friday (March 10), during loadshedding time. Homeowner, Farah Mohammed told the Laudium Sun, “On Friday morning, I woke up as usual at around 6am and then got my son and husband up, to get ready for school and work respectively. I then noticed there was no electricity, but fortunately the geyser still had some warm water for my husband to bath. My son also managed to shower and get ready for school. I told my son to rather go late to school and instead have his breakfast at 8am as the electricity would return by that time, thinking that it was loadshedding. Unfortunately this was not the case since by 8.30am the electricity had still not returned. I had no choice but to then tell my son to skip school, as I did not want him to go to school hungry. Nutrition is extremely important for growing kids. I made him a sandwich and continued to do my housework as I thought the loadshedding schedule had changed to a different stage and would definitely return by 10am.”

Farah further added, ”Later on I went outside to my yard and noticed my neighbor outside her yard. I complained to her about the extended loadshedding times and that is when I was surprised when she told me that they had electricity. I remember reading in the Laudium Sun about the recent spike of meter thefts so I went outside my yard to check the meter box. I was shocked to see that one of the meters was missing. I immediately informed the Council about the theft and even received a reference number. Despite going through all the required channels, we have been without electricity for 5 days. The service delivery from the Tshwane Council is disgusting to say the least,” exclaimed Farah.

Furious neighbor Sonia Patel, told the Laudium Sun, “The number of electricity meters being stolen each week is now shocking. I cannot understand why the police cannot catch the culprits responsible.”

Farah Mohamed said her home was without electricity for 5 days due to the meter theft.
Neighbor Sonia Patel said she can’t understand why police are not catching the culprits responsible.
The house on Mink Str outside which an electricity meter was stolen last Friday.
The house on Mink Str outside which an electricity meter was stolen last Friday.